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Personal #3: Healthy Spring Cleaning

I couldn’t think of a better day than Monday, March 1 to get a head start on some spring cleaning and improve my health. For the last two weeks, I’ve been engaged in an internal body cleanse. It will officially be over when I wake up Monday morning.

I became interested in cleansing last year. I did a lot of research online and listened to an informative podcast that thoroughly explained its benefits. Each and every day we are exposed to environmental toxins and chemicals within the products we use and consume. A cleanse is beneficial in eliminating chemicals from the body, including:

  • Artificial food additives
  • Caffeine, alcohol, medications, cigarette smoke
  • Unnecessary body care ingredients
  • Synthetic chemicals in household cleaners
  • Toxins from building and furnishing materials
  • Compounds leaching from certain plastics
  • Indoor and outdoor pollution

There are a variety of cleansing products on the market today. The Whole Foods 365 Complete Body Cleanse Kit is a good system. The $12 kit includes a cleansing fiber blend, milk thistle liver cleanse and herbal regulatory laxative formula. So what can you eat while cleansing? Raw fruit and vegetables (organic preferred), oatmeal and nuts.

I did my first cleanse last fall. I felt absolutely great when it wrapped up. I had more energy, my skin looked flawless and my pants fit better. I learned to avoid needless calories and toxins in drinking coffee and soda throughout the day. I also got accustomed to eating less sugar and unhealthy fats and incorporating more vegetables and lean protein into my diet.

I have decided to make cleansing a yearly tradition. What could be better than starting off a new year feeling absolutely rejuvenated? Absolutely nothing.



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