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Weekly #5: The Google Galaxy

Google currently holds a commanding 65 percent market share. This success has only motivated the company to go above and beyond. Google continues to innovate and bring exciting services to the marketplace. There is no doubt in my mind that it has the overarching goal of one day taking over the World Wide Web. I also believe that if it reaches this goal – it won’t stop there. Google currently controls more network fiber than any other organization. As this writer suggests, the company is attempting to take over the fixed networks in our lives, including the telephone and cable television. And that’s just the start of it.

I think all consumers should be afraid of companies that operate as monopolies. Competition should exist in the marketplace. It’s only natural. Without it, companies can walk all over consumers. Google is certainly heading in a monopolistic direction.

Don’t get me wrong though. I love Google and believe I benefit immensely each and every day from its services. My top most visited site is certainly Google.com. I value the ability to consistently find what it is I am looking for. Perhaps Bono still hasn’t discovered this nifty tool?

I also find Gmail incredibly useful in terms of its unlimited storage space, and Gchat comes in handy as a quick and easy way to keep in touch with friends. My Google Reader allows me to stay on top of the latest news and information. Google Maps consistently delivers spot on directions. YouTube provides endless entertainment. Google Groups saves me time and alleviates stress. Google Voice is saving people loads of money on their phone bill. Google has undoubtedly transformed the Internet. It will certainly be interesting to see how more the company can impact our lives in the years ahead.


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