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Response #1: Facebook Invades South Park

I absolutely adore South Park. The only other show that makes me laugh just as hard is Curb Your Enthusiasm. I always say that if I could spend the day with anyone, I would choose to be in the company of Larry David.

I read a few days ago on Mashable that the South Park creators wrote an episode on Facebook entitled, “You Have 0 Friends.” Naturally, I had to check it out. I just finished watching the episode online and must say it was absolutely brilliant. The writers did a fantastic job mocking the social networking site and shedding a light on just how superficial it truly is. They also ridiculed FarmVille players effectively, featuring a boy complaining that he did not have enough friends to fertilize his crops.

Gawker created a list of the top annoyances of Facebook that the episode covered:

  • The moment your friends annoyingly pressured you into joining
  • The moment your parents join, become obsessed, and take your ignorance of their profiles seriously
  • The moment your significant other starts trolling your profile and realizes that you haven’t changed your relationship status
  • The moment you realize that you have a friend who cares more about FarmVille than life itself
  • The moment people who don’t actually know you in real life think that they do and take online interactions—or a lack of them—personally

I highly encourage you to watch the episode for a good laugh. You can view it here. I’m going to sign in to Facebook now and add Kip, Stan, Kyle and Kenny as friends. I gotta keep my friend count up.


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