Personal #1: Snowmageddon in the Nation’s Capital

Safeway's fully-stocked shelves

The federal government is closed today. My office closed and tonight’s classes are canceled. I’ve had more snow days here in the nation’s capital than I ever had growing up in Minnesota. When the State of Minnesota did shut down it was practically a national holiday – as good as the fourth of July. It was the greatest gift and we took full advantage, staying outside all day even with sub-zero temperatures with just enough gear to protect ourselves from frostbite. For a true Minnesotan like me, it’s entertaining to watch a city hunker down for Armageddon. This site fully captures my thoughts.

I ventured to Safeway on Saturday evening to grab a few things for dinner. Unfortunately, I showed up 5 minutes after the store had randomly decided to close at 5 p.m. I returned Sunday morning. The store’s shelves were literally empty. Water? Gone. Eggs? Gone. Milk? Gone. It’s as if people thought they’d be stuck inside for weeks and stocked piled their pantries, fridges and freezers. I hate to break it to them, but the multiple gallons of milk they purchased are going to spoil before they drink them. And by the way, thanks for saving me some.

At 6 p.m. yesterday as Super Bowl XLIV was about to kick-off, my friend forwarded me an alert she received stating that the government would be closed today. It soon became a trending topic on Twitter and the Office of Personal Management’s site crashed due to heightened traffic.

Back in Minnesota today, 8-13 inches of snow are expected to fall and accumulate by Tuesday. Some rural schools and businesses will shut down, but the overall state will continue to operate as usual. Perhaps I should be thankful for being here after all.


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